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Stainless steel telescopic antenna laser marking black scale
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Since the laser marking machine is a marking (lettering, engraving) equipment that does not require consumables, the color marked on the object is generally based on the material of the marked workpiece, the model used, and the adjustment It depends on the parameters, not what color you want to be able to print out what color. However, some materials can choose to black or white. Among them, stainless steel products can choose to black or white, but not all stainless steel workpieces can produce pure black or pure white effects. The specific requirements depend on the purity of the material. Use the same machine to make the same material. , The purity is different, the effect of laser marking will be different.

Next, Fulan Laser will mainly talk about the black scale marking with stainless steel telescopic antenna laser.

The telescopic antenna is composed of more than 2 tubes of different sizes, which can be stretched and shortened. For the convenience of customers, the antenna will be marked with scales, because the laser marking machine has high marking accuracy, fast speed, clear and permanent marking, and environmental protection Non-pollution, simple operation, no consumables, wide application range, etc., and can also improve the grade of products, so more and more antenna manufacturers have chosen laser marking machines for scale marking processing.

The scale is a tool for measuring the length of an object as a scale mark as a standard unit of length. Its accuracy requirements are very high. The telescopic antenna generally has 3 to 6 sections, and the length is generally 30cm to 200cm. The marking scale, no matter how many sections, no matter how long, must be marked at one time to ensure the accuracy of the scale. The standard machine is the largest The marking range is only 300*300mm, which means that if it exceeds the marking range of 300mm, a non-standard laser marking machine needs to be customized to complete the marking at one time. Foshan Fulan Laser has a professional R&D team that can customize non-standard laser equipment for you. No matter how large the marking area is, Foshan Fulan Laser can meet your needs.

Stainless steel blackening can be regarded as a technical skill, and ordinary people cannot operate it, because it needs to adjust the relevant parameters of the equipment, the purity of the material is different, the parameters will be different, and the color depth is related to the marking speed, frequency, and current. As long as one link is not in place, the effect will be completely different. Foshan Fulan Laser will conduct professional one-on-one training operations for customers until the customer's operators can operate the equipment correctly and skillfully. And will provide detailed technical information of the entire system for technical clarification. Therefore, if you are buying Foshan Fulan Laser's equipment, you don’t have to worry about problems such as not adjusting the machine or new products that will not be marked. Fulan Laser has a particularly complete after-sales service system. For problems solved, Fulan Laser technicians will be on call and solve them at any time to minimize the loss of customers.


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