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The difference between hard optical path and soft optical path laser welding machine
DATE:2021/1/5 15:09:49  Page view:249

At present, fiber laser welding machine and fiber transmission laser welding machine belong to the soft optical path; YAG, lamp pump laser welding machine belongs to the hard optical path.

Below, please take a look at the main differences between the two together with Foshan Fulan Laser:

Welding effect: The welding effect of the two is very similar. If you look closely, the effect of the soft optical path is better than the hard optical path.

Light-emitting mode: soft optical path is optical fiber conduction light; hard optical path laser welding machine is lens conduction light.

In terms of consumables: the soft optical path is almost maintenance-free and no consumables are needed; the hard optical path needs frequent maintenance, and there are consumables later (about five months to replace a lamp, the price is about 200 yuan). Warm Reminder from Fulan Laser: Each laser welding machine will be equipped with a chiller: it is recommended to use pure water. If the equipment is not used for a long time, it will take about four or five months to replace a filter element. If it is not dirty, there is no need to replace it.

Weld spot energy distribution: The soft light path has a more even energy distribution than the hard light path, and has the best spot required for welding characteristics.

Processing efficiency: The processing efficiency of the soft optical path is faster than the hard optical path laser welding machine, and the welding effect is similar.

Flexibility: The soft optical path is more flexible than the hard optical path. The hard light path propagates in the air, and the propagation path is fixed. The soft optical path transmits laser light through optical fiber, and the optical path is variable.

Service life: The service life of the soft optical path is longer than that of the hard optical path.

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