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How long is the service life of the laser marking machine?
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The laser marking machine produced by Foshan Fulan Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is classified by laser, including fiber laser marking machine, green laser marking machine, ultraviolet laser marking machine, oxygen dioxide laser marking machine and MOPA laser marking machine. Standard machine.

Different types of lasers have different lifetimes:

The service life of fiber laser is the longest among all laser marking equipment, up to 10W hours, calculated by working 10 hours a day: 100000/(10*365)=27.40, which is about 27 years;

The carbon dioxide laser metal tube can be used for 5 to 10 years, and it can be used repeatedly without replacement; the glass tube can be used for 3 to 9 months. Generally, a glass tube needs to be replaced about half a year. It cannot be reused and replaced with a new one. (If you need to buy a CO2 laser machine, it is recommended that you buy a metal tube. Although it is a little more expensive than the glass tube at the time of purchase, it will save you worry and money later. For details, please refer to "Metal Tube of Carbon Dioxide Laser Marking Machine Difference with glass tube" );

Green laser can be used for 2 to 5 years;

UV laser can be used for 3 to 10 years;

MOPA laser can be used for 15-20 years;

The laser marking machine is the same as the printer we usually use. After a certain period of use, if there is no ink, you can continue to use it by replacing or adding ink.

In addition to the above-mentioned laser life, the use environment and peacetime maintenance are also closely related to the life of the laser marking machine. Proper use of the environment and good maintenance will add laser marking to the life of the laser. The service life of the equipment, if the use environment and maintenance are improper, it will reduce the service life of the laser equipment. For how to maintain, please refer to "Laser Marking Machine Maintenance and Maintenance" Laser Marking Machine Maintenance and Maintenance or consult Foshan Fu Blue laser.

In short: the service life of the laser marking machine mainly depends on the life of the laser, followed by the environment of use and daily maintenance.







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