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Can the laser marking machine print black characters?
DATE:2020/12/31 15:54:39  Page view:276

Answer: Some can type black words or pictures, some cannot.

Since the laser marking machine is a marking (lettering, engraving) equipment that does not require consumables, the color marked on the object is generally based on the material of the marked workpiece, the model used, and the adjustment It depends on the parameters, not what color you want to be able to print out what color. Whether it can be black is mainly based on the following 2 points:

1. What material should be marked on?

2. What light source and laser power is in watts? And the adjusted parameters.

At present, the laser series developed and produced by Fulan Laser include optical fiber, ultraviolet, CO2, green light, and mopa. For example: fiber optic machine can produce black effect on stainless steel material, MOPA machine can produce black effect on alumina material, UV machine can produce black effect on white ABS plastic material, etc...







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