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Online flying carbon dioxide laser coding machine
Online flying carbon dioxide laser coding machine

Device model: PM-RF10, PM-RF20, PM-RF30, PM-RF50

Laser power: 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W

Laser wavelength: 10.64um

Beam quality (M2): ≤1.2

Laser repetition frequency: 20 ~ 200KHz

Marking range: 70 × 70 , 110 × 110 , 170 × 170 (mm) (optional)

Maximum linear speed: 9000mm / s

Minimum line width: 0.1mm

Minimum character: 0.4

Cooling method: air cooling

Total power consumption: 600W, 900W, 1200W, 2000W

Power demand: 220V / 50Hz

Appearance size: 800 × 1020 × 1500mm

Feature description

1. Adopt RF excitation sealed off CO2 laser, stable performance, can work for a long time;

2. Configure special software for flying laser coding, use intelligent calculation to automatically identify the product and the locations of the product to be marked, so as to achieve high-speed and accurate marking;

3. The length of marking content in the software is not limited, and the number of lines is not limited. The content of the code can be set to text, date, batch number, serial number, QR code, vector illustration, etc.

4. Rotary encoder can be connected to detect the speed of the pipeline in real time to ensure the high-speed marking effect;

5. The control system is easy and fast to operate and easy for customers to use;

6. Can directly cooperate with the customer's production line operation, if necessary, our company can customize the assembly line or workbench for the customer;

7. No consumables, environmental protection, fast speed, safety, low cost and easy maintenance;

8. The logo is not erasable, never fades forever, and has the functions of anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling.

Application area

       It is mainly used for marking and cutting of non-metallic materials such as wood, bamboo, leather, rubber, cloth, paper, ceramics, stone, and acrylic. Such as: marking and cutting of graphics and text in the fields of food packaging, architectural ceramics, clothing accessories, footwear, handbags, buttons, glasses, fabric cutting, craft gifts, rubber products, electronic components and other fields.

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