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Coil special automatic laser marking cutting machine
Coil special automatic laser marking cutting machine

Device model: JF-RF60, JF-RF100, JF-RF150

Laser power: 60W, 100W, 150W

Laser wavelength: 10.64um

Beam quality (M2): ≤1.2

Laser repetition frequency: 20 ~ 200KHz

Marking range: 70 × 70, 110 × 110, 170 × 170, 300 × 300 mm(optional)

Maximum linear speed: 9000mm / s

Minimum line width: 0.1mm

Minimum character: 0.4

Cooling method: water cooling

Total power consumption: 3000W, 5000W, 6000W

Power demand: 220V / 50Hz

Appearance size: 800 × 1700 × 2230mm

Feature description

1. This machine is customized and can be equipped with multiple light sources (ultraviolet, green light, optical fiber, CO2, MOPA)

2. At present, the machine is equipped with a CO2 laser;

3. Adopt RF excitation sealed off CO2 laser, stable performance, can work for a long time;

4. Using high-speed digital scanning head, small size, fast speed and good stability;

5. The laser power is controlled by software, continuously adjustable, and marking and cutting can be realized on one product at the same time;

6. The marking is clear, not easy to wear, high engraving and cutting efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving;

7. Three-axis linkage, layered material cutting, and continuous uninterrupted cutting.

8. No consumables and low processing cost.

Application area

Marking, cutting, and punching of ointment stickers, clothing accessories (reflective materials, fabrics, etc.), stickers, leather, etc. For example: reflective material marking and cutting, ointment paste drilling and cutting, adhesive marking and cutting, leather and PVC and other materials lettering film, PE and PVC and other film materials cutting easy tear line, etc.

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