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Vision positioning laser marking machine
Vision positioning laser marking machine

Visual positioning laser marking machine, in fact, it is a system (CCD visual positioning system). It can be installed in any laser marking machine

Feature description

1. The CCD camera positioning system is used to guide the laser for marking. The positioning is accurate. The marking products can be placed randomly. Multiple products can be placed at one time. The product can be automatically identified at any position, any angle, and any shape. Automatic product marking;

2. Fast auto-focusing, automatic marking, no need for manual adjustment;

3. The accuracy of visual recognition can reach 0.01mm;

4. Visual automatic positioning, which can realize automatic identification, automatic grabbing, and automatic corresponding different mark processing for a variety of different features and different numbers of products;

5. Marking content can be set to text, date, batch number, serial number, QR code, vector diagram, etc .;

 6. As long as the product is within the processing range of laser marking scanning galvanometer, accurate marking can be achieved without positioning fixture;

 7. Track the position of the processed object in real time and convert it into the current physical coordinates;

8. This machine can be configured with multiple light sources (ultraviolet, green light, optical fiber, CO2, MOPA), support customization;

 9. No consumables, high precision, fast processing speed, power saving and energy saving, time saving, labor saving and cost saving.

10. Fully automatic CCD vision positioning laser marking is used directly in conjunction with the production line, reducing production conversion links and loading and unloading manpower, can work continuously for 24 hours, and can meet the requirements of industrialized large-scale online production.

11. Can be connected with other machines or assembly lines to realize automatic laser marking;

12. No consumables, energy saving, time saving, labor saving, cost saving and high efficiency.

Application area

It is mainly suitable for marking small or very small items such as IC, small screws, resistors, etc. with large workload, difficult positioning of the feed, diversity and complexity of the workpiece.

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