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Cantilever type automatic laser marking machine
Cantilever type automatic laser marking machine

Tailor-made laser equipment

The core components of the equipment are independently developed and produced by the Fulan laser design team. The other major components are designed according to the customer's actual situation and requirements to design the shape and performance of the machine.

Feature description
1. Cantilever type sliding table module (mechanical arm) can automatically mark back and forth (mark the next workpiece);
2. Directly arranged on the production line for operation, with fast processing speed and high efficiency;
3. Fast operation, stable and smooth, accurate positioning;
4. Auto focus function, even if there is slight difference in the thickness of the workpiece, it can realize auto focus adjustment;
5. The displacement accuracy of the cantilever is high, the laser head can be automatically fine-tuned to meet the requirements of different thicknesses of the marking carrier, and the marking accuracy is high and the effect is good;
6. This machine can be configured with multiple light sources (ultraviolet, green light, optical fiber, CO2, MOPA) and supports customization.
Application area
Mainly applicable to various metal and non-metal materials, large volume marking content and relatively small workpiece marking, most used in the automotive industry, such as: bodywork, engine, fuel tank, door and various parts marking QR code , Logos, patterns, warning signs, nameplates, 3C certification of automotive glass, production dates, serial numbers, transparent buttons, etc.
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