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Summary of reasons for uneven marking of laser marking machine
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Laser marking technology has slowly penetrated into people’s daily lives. mobiles phoness, switches, keyboards, measuring tools, cables, sanitary ware, tableware, knives, fitness equipment, jewelry, thermos cups, signs, various small accessories, electronic components Devices, buttons, tobacco and alcohol, daily necessities, denim clothing, electrical appliances, automobiless, stoves, glass, crystals, the outer packaging of various items, etc., all have traces of laser marking (ie laser engraving, laser engraving).

Although the laser marking machine has the advantages of extremely high stability and convenient use, it is inevitable to encounter various small problems in daily use. Among them, uneven marking is a perceived problem. Although it is a minor problem, it has a great impact on the product, because if the marking is uneven, it will directly affect the marking quality, processing efficiency, and product of the product. The external image, even the external image of the company.

How to deal with it quickly, prevent the degradation of marking quality, and reduce the output impact caused by equipment shutdown, has become a problem of particular concern to users. Regarding this issue, Folan Laser has analyzed and integrated some of the main causes of uneven laser marking based on years of experience, and now share with you:

1. The energy quality of the laser beam becomes worse: the quality of the laser directly determines the quality of the laser beam, and a bad laser beam will affect the marking effect.

Solution: Replace the laser with good quality.

2. The machine level is not adjusted properly (that is, the vibrating lens or the field lens lens is not parallel to the processing table): Because the vibrating lens or field lens lens is not parallel to the processing table, the laser beam will reach the distance of the processed object after passing the field lens The length is inconsistent, and eventually the energy of the laser falling on the processed object will have an inconsistent energy density, and the marking will be uneven on the material.

Solution: Place the laser machine steadily and adjust it until the vibrating lens or field lens is parallel to the processing table.

3. The laser output spot is blocked (that is, the spot is not round enough after the laser beam passes through the galvanometer and the field lens): The laser output head, fixing fixture, and galvanometer are not adjusted properly, causing part of the laser spot to be blocked when the laser passes through the galvanometer lens. After the lens is focused, the spot on the frequency doubler is non-circular, which will cause the marking effect to be uneven.

Solution: Adjust the machine and fixed fixture, and the position deviation of the galvanometer, and re-adjust.

4. There is a problem with the galvanometer signal, or the galvanometer is interfered by the outside world: the galvanometer jitters slightly during the marking process, so that the marked text or pattern is not clear;

5. The reason for the material itself of the marked workpiece: the uniformity of the material, the uniformity of the texture, the uniformity of the painting or spraying or the thickness of the coating, the inconsistent oxidation time of the oxide parts, etc. will affect the absorption of the laser energy by the material. When the material is not uniform enough The effect of laser marking may be uneven.

Solution: The workpiece must be processed before marking.

6. The surface of the workpiece is not on the focal plane.

7. The deflection lens of the galvanometer is damaged: When the laser beam passes through the damaged area of the lens, it cannot be reflected out well, resulting in inconsistent laser energy.

Solution: Replace the damaged field lens and galvanometer lens in time.

8. The marking speed is too fast.

9. The service life of the laser is too long, causing attenuation.

10. The off-focus marking is used: because each field lens has a corresponding focal depth range, and the off-focus method can easily lead to a large-scale marking pattern, the edge is at the critical point of the focal depth or exceeds the focal depth range , So it is easier to cause uneven effects.

11. The size of the laser marking content (that is, the processing range) exceeds the scope of the field lens: every laser marking machine will be equipped with a field lens within a certain range as standard. At present, Foshan Fulan Laser often uses the field lens (Unit: mm) 70×70, 110×110, 170×170, 220×220, 300×300 several ranges, such as: 20W fiber laser machine generally comes standard with 110×110mm field lens, if you need to process The product content size exceeds this range, then you will find that the laser effect at the boundary will appear uneven.

Solution: According to the actual situation of product processing, select the appropriate equipment laser power and the corresponding field lens, and do not blindly pursue a large-scale large scene.

12. The processed products are not placed smoothly, tilted or not parallel to the light path Solution: Check whether the machine is placed stably, and check whether the placed product or fixture is tilted.


Reminder: When using a laser marking machine, if you encounter a problem that you cannot solve by yourself, do not repair it yourself to avoid unnecessary losses. It is recommended that you contact the equipment vendor or consult the Foshan Fulan Laser customer service. Fulan Laser's technicians will be on call to solve the problem at any time. When necessary, timely and decisive on-site service will be adopted to minimize the loss of customer time.






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