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Laser marking machine marking depth method
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Users who have used laser marking machines should have discovered that when marking the same product with the same machine, the depth of marking will be different for different parameters or accessories. In fact, the depth of laser marking can be adjusted to a certain extent, but not all products can achieve the desired depth. It requires the cooperation of various conditions to achieve the best depth effect. So, how can you hit the depth you want? Next, please follow Foshan Fulan Laser to find out:

1. Increase the power of the laser: The laser is the core component of the laser marking machine. If the power of the laser is increased, the laser beam will inevitably be improved, and the depth of the marking will be deeper.

2. Change the field lens of the laser marking machine into a small-range field lens. After the change, the marking depth will be deeper. For example, the standard field lens of 170×170 (mm) can be changed. The field lens is 110×110 (mm).

3. Slow down the marking speed of the laser marking machine, and keep other parameters unchanged, but if you slow down the marking speed, the marking depth will be deeper.

4. Replace better laser marking accessories and use high-quality laser group: It is a good way to process the light spot and use a better beam expander, so that the laser focus will be stronger.

5. Repeated marking: After marking the same place many times, the deeper the marking will be.

If you need a deeper marking depth, it is recommended that you choose the laser deep engraving machine of Foshan Fulan Laser: high engraving accuracy, good stability, can be used for hardware products, precision instruments, mold steel, common metals and alloys (iron, Copper, aluminum, magnesium, zinc and other metals) are deep-carved and fine-carved, and can be deep-carved in an unlimited range. It is especially suitable for large-area carving and deep carving processing of various complex graphics.

A company in Foshan Fulan Laser Technology would like to remind you: When buying a laser marking machine, you must first understand your product, what kind of workpiece you are marking, and what requirements you have, and you must have a long-term plan, for example, what you are marking now. The workpiece depth is required to be shallow, but it may be marked with a deep mark in the future, so we must purchase the machine with the deepest configuration. Because the laser equipment with deep marking can make shallow markings by setting relevant parameters, while the laser equipment with shallow marking cannot be adjusted to make deep markings, only replacement parts can be used to improve performance, and the cost will naturally increase at that time.






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